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Syringe Filter Quick Reference (Order Using Part Numbers in Bold)

Nylon, 13mm*0.45 μm, (white) PK/100 FIL-S-NY-045-13-100
Nylon, 13mm*0.22 μm, (pastel green) PK/100 FIL-S-NY-022-13-100
Nylon, 25mm*0.45 μm, (white) PK/100 FIL-S-NY-045-25-100
Nylon, 25mm*0.22 μm, (pastel green) PK/100 FIL-S-NY-022-25-100


PTFE, 13mm*0.45 μm, (orange) Hydrophobic PK/100 FIL-S-PT-045-13-100-P
PTFE, 13mm*0.22 μm, (purple) Hydrophobic PK/100 FIL-S-PT-022-13-100-P
PTFE, 25mm*0.45 μm, (orange) Hydrophobic PK/100 FIL-S-PT-045-25-100-P
PTFE, 25mm*0.22 μm, (purple) Hydrophobic PK/100 FIL-S-PT-022-25-100-P


PTFE, 13mm*0.45 μm, (pink) Hydrophilic PK/100 FIL-S-PT-045-13-100-H
PTFE, 13mm*0.22 μm, (bright gold) Hydrophilic PK/100 FIL-S-PT-022-13-100-H
PTFE, 25mm*0.45 μm, (pink) Hydrophilic PK/100 FIL-S-PT-045-25-100-H
PTFE, 25mm*0.22 μm, (bright gold) Hydrophilic PK/100 FIL-S-PT-022-25-100-H


PTFE, 13mm*0.45 μm, (pink) Hydrophilic with PF PK/100 FIL-S-PT-045-13-100-H(PF)
PTFE, 13mm*0.22 μm, (bright gold) Hydrophilic with PF PK/100 FIL-S-PT-022-13-100-H(PF)
PTFE, 25mm*0.45 μm, (pink) Hydrophilic with PF PK/100 FIL-S-PT-045-25-100-H(PF)
PTFE, 25mm*0.22 μm, (bright gold) Hydrophilic with PF PK/100 FIL-S-PT-022-25-100-H(PF)


Polypropylene, 13mm*0.45 μm, (sky blue) PK/100 FIL-S-PP-045-13-100
Polypropylene, 13mm*0.22 μm, (racing green) PK/100 FIL-S-PP-022-13-100
Polypropylene, 25mm*0.45 μm, (sky blue) PK/100 FIL-S-PP-045-25-100
Polypropylene, 25mm*0.22 μm, (racing green) PK/100 FIL-S-PP-022-25-100


PES, 13mm*0.45 μm, (royal blue) PK/100 FIL-S-PES-045-13-100
PES, 13mm*0.22 μm, (yellow) PK/100 FIL-S-PES-022-13-100
PES, 25mm*0.45 μm, (royal blue) PK/100 FIL-S-PES-045-25-100
PES, 25mm*0.22 μm, (yellow) PK/100 FIL-S-PES-022-25-100


PVDF, 13mm*0.45 μm, (red) Hydrophobic PK/100 FIL-S-PV-045-13-100-P
PVDF, 13mm*0.22 μm, (black) Hydrophobic PK/100 FIL-S-PV-022-13-100-P
PVDF, 25mm*0.45 μm, (red) Hydrophobic PK/100 FIL-S-PV-045-25-100-P
PVDF, 25mm*0.22 μm, (black) Hydrophobic PK/100 FIL-S-PV-022-25-100-P


Welded PVDF, 13mm*0.45 μm, (grey) Hydrophilic PK/100 FIL-S-PV-045-13-100-H
Welded PVDF, 13mm*0.22 μm, (brown) Hydrophilic PK/100 FIL-S-PV-022-13-100-H
Welded PVDF, 25mm*0.45 μm, (grey) Hydrophilic PK/100 FIL-S-PV-045-25-100-H
Welded PVDF, 25mm*0.22 μm, (brown) Hydrophilic PK/100 FIL-S-PV-022-25-100-H