Agilent/HP 6890 with 5973N EI GCMS

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Agilent/HP 6890

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Fully serviced and tested.

With 7683 Autosampler 100 vial tray, Agilent 5973 EI Mass Spec and vacuum pump includes PC with Agilent Chemstation or Masshunter software.


In Stock

Product Description

Contact Conex Chromatography Systems via our website for more information on this product. call: 01786 841001.

6890 Agilent GCMS system configured with;

  • Split/Splitless Inlet
  • G2613A Injector
  • 5973 Mass Spectrometer Detector
  • 100 Vial Sample Tray
  • Instrument Utilities Software
  • PC with Agilent Chemstation or Masshunter Software (contact us if you have a preference for a specific type of software)