Agilent 1260 Infinity G4212B Diode Array Detector

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Max Light Cartridge Flowcell


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Agilent 1260 G4212B DAD for Sale – fully serviced and tested to manufacturer specifications.

Includes 10mm analytical max light cartridge flowcel

The 1260 Infinity Diode Array Detector (DAD) features a completely new optical design based on the Agilent Max-Light cartridge cell with optofluidic waveguides. With typical detector noise levels of < ± 0.6 μAU/cm the revolutionary 6 cm flow cell gives up to 10 times higher sensitivity than the 1200 Series DAD and VWD.  Any compromising refractive index and thermal effects are almost completely eliminated,

resulting in significantly less baseline drift for more reliable and precise peak integration.


  • Ultra sensitivity through revolutionary Agilent Max-Light cartridge cell with 60 mm
  • optical path length (typically noise: < ± 0.6 μAU/cm).
  • Universal Agilent Max-Light cartridge standard cell with 10 mm optical path length
  • provides high sensitivity (noise: < ± 3 μAU) and lowest peak dispersion for 2.1, 3
  • and 4.6 mm ID columns.
  • Programmable slit from 1 to 8 nm provides optimum incident light conditions for
  • rapid optimization of sensitivity, linearity and spectral resolution.
  • Multiple wavelength and full spectral detection at high sampling rate of 160 Hz,
  • keeping pace with fastest possible analysis speed.
  • More reliable and robust peak integration process due through less baseline drift.
  • Full spectral detection for compound identification by spectral libraries or verification
  • of the separation quality with peak purity analysis for ultra fast LC. Simultaneous
  • detection of up to 8 signals for increased sensitivity and selectivity.
  • Wide linear range (typically up to 2.5 AU) – for reliable, simultaneous quantification
  • of primary compounds, by-products and impurities.
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for flow cells and lamp provide
  • new levels of data security and traceability.
  • Electronic temperature control (ETC) provides maximum baseline stability and
  • practical sensitivity under fluctuating ambient temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Reference wavelength for elimination of background interference.