Agilent 1260 DAD Hplc System

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Excellent condition high pressure 900bar binary gradient Agilent Uplc system with 1260 and 1290 modules consisting of:

  • Solvent Bottle Tray
  • 4 Channel Micro Degasser
  • G4220A Binary Gradient Pump – 900Bar
  • G1329B Variable Volume Autosampler 600 bar
  • G1330B Als Sample Tray Cooler
  • G1316B Extended Temp Range Column Oven
  • G4212A Uplc high sensitivity Diode Array Detector with cell


Out of stock


Product Description

Hplc system 600 Bar pressure range with Diode Array Detector

G1322A 4 Channel degasser

G1312B Binary Pump

G1316B extended range column oven

G1329B Thermostatted Autosampler

G1330B Als Therm Tray Chiller

G4212A Diode Array Detector – High Sensitivity light pipe flowcell

Software options and alternative configurations available please enquire for more details.