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  • Agilent 1290 G4226A Autosampler

    Agilent 1290 G4226A Autosampler
    • Agilent 1200 G1361A Preparative Pump

      Agilent G1361A Isocratic Prep Pump
      • Thermo LPG-3400RS UHPLC Pump

        LPG-3400RS Thermo Quaternary UHPLC Pump.
        Includes built-in 4-channel degasser.
      • Agilent 1200 6130 LCMS System

        Agilent 1200 LCMS System
        Excellent condition.
      • Agilent 1200 Prep System

        Agilent 1200 Prep System
        Agilent 1200 Prep System
      • Thermo Vanquish System (No Detector)

        Thermo Vanquish System
        Up to 1500bar Pressure
      • Agilent 1260 System

        Agilent 1260 System
      • Refurbished Agilent 1100 HPLC System

        Agilent 1100 HPLC system
        Good condition
      • 1100 Agilent HPLC VWD System

        1100 Agilent HPLC system
        Good condition
      • DataApex Clarity Software

        DataApex Clarity Software version 8.6.
        Available for windows 10.
      • Agilent 7890 GC

        Refurbished 7890A GC
        Excellent condition
      • Agilent 1260 Multisampler

        Agilent 1260 Multisampler G4767A
        Ex demo unit, excellent condition
      • Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC System

        Agilent 1260 Infinity II System
        Ex demo unit
      • Agilent 1260 FLD

        G1321B 1260 FLD
        Highly sensitive Fluorescence Detector
      • Agilent GC 6850

        Agilent GC 6850
        Gas Chromatograph (GC)
      • Agilent/HP 6890 with 5973N EI GCMS

        Agilent/HP 6890
        Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
      • Thermo HPLC Column Oven

        HPLC column oven
      • Thermo Ultimate HPLC Autosampler

        Thermo Dionex WPS-3000TSL
        HPLC 600 bar autosampler
      • Agilent 1260 Infinity G4212B Diode Array Detector

        Excellent condition
        Fully serviced and tested
      • Agilent 1260 Capillary Pump

        Agilent 1200 G1376A Capillary Pump
        Agilent 1260 400Bar Capillary pump.
      • Thermo Corona Ultra CAD RS

        Charged aerosol detector
        Corona Ultra CAD RS
      • Agilent 1200 DAD HPLC System

        Agilent quaternary HPLC system
        Excellent condition