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  • 1100 Agilent HPLC VWD System

    1100 Agilent HPLC system
    Good condition
  • Agilent 1260 Capillary Pump

    Agilent 1200 G1376A Capillary Pump
    Agilent 1260 400Bar Capillary pump.
  • Agilent Chemstation

    agilent chemstatiom
    Chemstation software from Agilent.
  • Agilent Openlab

    agilent openlab
    Software control for Agilent GC and Hplc instruments.
  • Dionex UCI-50

    dionex uci 50 ad interface
    Thermo/dionex analogue to digital
    A/D interface box
  • Refurbished Agilent 1100 HPLC System

    Agilent 1100 HPLC system
    Good condition
  • Shodex RI-101 Detector

    Refractive index detector.
  • Thermo Chromeleon 6.8

    Chromeleon software from Thermo.
  • Thermo Corona Ultra CAD RS

    Charged aerosol detector
    Corona Ultra CAD RS
  • Thermo Corona Veo CAD

    Corona Veo Charged Aerosol Detector
    Fully serviced and tested
  • Thermo U3000 Fluorescence Detector

    Fluorescence Detector FLD-3100
  • Thermo U3000 RS UPLC/HPLC

    2016 Thermo U3000 1000Bar System
  • Thermo U3000 Variable Wavelength Detector

    Variable Wavelength Detector VWD-3100
  • Thermo U3000RS with Corona Veo CAD

    Thermo U3000RS with Corona Veo CAD.
  • Thermo Ultimate HPLC System 3000 series 600Bar

    Thermo Ultimate HPLC
    Thermo System for Sale.
  • Thermo Ultimate MWD RS

    Multiple Wavelength Detector
  • Waters Empower2 Software

    waters empower 2
    Empower Software from Waters
  • Waters Masslynx

    waters masslynx
    Multi vendor MS system
    With HPLC control and data analysis