Shimadzu HPLC consumable parts, please email for current pricing and discounts.

Shimadzu Detectors SPD6A/10ADvp/20A
Part No. Description Price
SHI-LA-100 LC-6A Email
SHI-LA-101 LC10A/LC10ADVp Email
SHI-LA-102 LC2010 Email
SHI-LA-103 SPD-20A Long Life Email
SHI-LX-103 RF551/RF10A/10AXL Xenon Lamp Email
SHI-LX-104 RF-20xl Xenon Lamp Email
Shimadzu Pumps LC6/10/20
Part No. Description Price
SHI-PS-200 LC-6A/10AS Piston Seal Yellow Email
SHI-PS-201 LC-6A/10AS Piston Seal Grey Email
SHI-PS-202 LC-10AT Piston Seal Yellow Email
SHI-WS-200 LC-10AT Wash Seal White Email
SHI-PS-204 LC10ATVp Piston Seal Yellow Email
SHI-PS-205 LC10ATVp/SIL10ADVp Piston Seal Black Email
SHI-WS-201 LC-10ATVp Wash Seal White Email
SHI-PS-206 LC-10ADVp/20AD Piston Seal Yellow Email
SHI-PS-207 LC-10ADVp/20AD Piston Seal Black Email
SHI-PA-300 LC-6A Piston Assy Email
SHI-PA-301 LC10AS Piston Assy Email
SHI-PA-302 LC10AD Piston Assy Email
SHI-PA-303 LC10AT Piston Assy Email
SHI-PA-304 LC10ATVp Piston Assy Email
SHI-PA-305 LC10ADVp/2010 Piston Assy Email
SHI-CV-400 LC6A/10AS Inlet CV Email
SHI-CV-401 LC6A/10AS Outlet CV Email
SHI-CV-402 LC10AT/10ATVp Inlet CV Email
SHI-CV-403 LC10AT/10ATVp/10AD/10ADVp Outlet CV Email
SHI-CV-404 LC10AS/10AT/10ATVp Inlet CV Cartridge Email
SHI-CV-405 LC10AT/10ATVp Outlet CV Cartridge Email
SHI-CV-406 LC10AD Inlet CV Email
SHI-CV-407 LC10ADVp/2010 Inlet CV Email
SHI-CV-408 LC10AD/10ADVp/2010 Outlet CV Email
SHI-CV-409 LC10AD/10ADVp/2010 In/Out CV Cartridge Email
SHI-IF-200 Inline Filter FRIT Email
Shimadzu Autosamplers Sil6/9/10/20
Part No. Description Price
SHI-RS-010 SIL10A/10AXL Rotor Seal Email
SHI-RS-011 SIL10ADVp Rotor Seal Email
SHI-RS-012 Needle Seal SIL10ADVp/10AXL Email
SHI-WS-200 Syringe 500ul SIL10A/10AXL Email
agilent 1100 g1314a
VWD Detector
Agilent 1100 G1314A VWD £3250 buy now

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agilent 1200 g1379a
Four Channel Degasser
Agilent 1200 G1379A £2000 buy now