Dionex HPLC consumable parts, please email for current pricing and discounts.

Dionex Detectors 170/340/PDA100/Ultimate
Part No. Description Price 
DIO-LA-100 Dionex UVD170/340 Email
DIO-LA-101 Dionex PDA-100 Email
DIO-LA-102 SA6500/Spectra 100/200 Email
DIO-CL-102 Dionex UVD170/340 Cell Lens Email
DIO-LA-103 Dionex Ultimate 3000 VWD/DAD Lamp Email
DIO-LT-104 Dionex Lamp Tungsten PDA 100 Email
DIO-LT-105 Dionex Lamp Tungsten Ultimate 3000 Email
DIO-LX-100 Xenon Lamp RF2000 Email
Dionex Pumps P580/P680/Ultimate 3000
Part No. Description Price 
DIO-PS-200 P580/P680/Ult 3000 Piston Seal Yellow Email
DIO-PS-201 P580/P680/Ult 3000 Piston Seal Black Email
DIO-PA-300 P580/P680 Piston Assy Email
DIO-CV-400 P580/P680 CV Inlet Email
DIO-CV-401 P580/P680 CV Outlet Email
DIO-CV-402 P580/P680 CV Cartridge Email
DIO-CV-403 Ultimate 3000 CV Inlet Email
DIO-CV-404 Ultimate 3000 CV Outlet Email
DIO-CV-405 Ultimate 3000 CV Cartridge Email
DIO-SB-202 P580/P680 Seal Backing Ring Email
DIO-RS-203 P580/P680 Ring Seal-Ptfe Email
DIO-WSS-800 P680/Ultimate Wash Solvent Sensor Email
DIO-WS-204 P580/P680/Ult 3000 Wash Seal Email
Dionex Autosamplers ASI-100/Ultimate 3000
Part No. Description Price 
DIO-RS-039 ASI-100 Vespel Rotor Seal Email
DIO-RS-071 ASI-100 Tefzel Rotor Seal Email
DIO-IS-015 ASI-100 Isolation Seal Email
DIO-SS-040 ASI-100 Stainless Steel Stator Email
DIO-SY-500 ASI-100 250ul Syringe Email
DIO-PRK-800 ASI-100 Pressure Regulator Repair Kit Email
DIO-SY-100 Ultimate 3000 Syringe 100uL Email
DIO-RS-012 Ultimate 3000 Rotor Seal Email
DIO-RS-200 Ultimate 3000 Rotor Seal 3 port Rheodyne Email
DIO-RS-201 Ultimate 3000 Rotor Seal RS Email
DIO-NS-200 ASI100/Ultimate 3000 Needle Seat Email
agilent 1100 g1314a
VWD Detector
Agilent 1100 G1314A VWD £3250 buy now

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agilent 1200 g1379a
Four Channel Degasser
Agilent 1200 G1379A £2000 buy now